for cross-plaform Smart TV
and STB apps development

Key features

Cross-platform development

ZombieBox is the abstraction level above the platforms. The app you'll develop will be independent from certain device or program platform. Transition to an another platform occurs without app redevelopment, just by switching platform adapter.

Easy supported code

Built-in static analyser reveals errors through the development process and controls code typing. Code documentation requirements allows to create easily supported apps.

App developed once will be supported by all platforms

Application code created once and should be compiled for all supported platforms. Codebase is mutual, so you can easily create new features for all platforms.

Increased app productivity

Framework is created on native JavaScript without resource-consuming libraries. ZombieBox generate all dependencies needed for certain platform.

Set of typical solutions

ZombieBox has built-in navigation between scenes and scene widgets, navigation history, elaborated app shell, library of TV typical solutions, set of interface widgets also exists in ZombieBox.

High level of security

Application goes through pre-compilation, which obfuscates code and makes it useless for permitted watching. Incoming data is filtered and strongly typed.

Supported platforms

  • Samsung Tizen (2015+)
  • LG WebOS (2014+)
  • Samsung Orsay (2012-2014)
  • LG NetCast (2012-2014)
  • Dune HD
  • MAG/Aura Informer
  • Eltex

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